KP 37/15

FULL ICE CUBE: High density full ice cube, crystal-clear and pure. Suitable for the long-lasting cooling of any drink, without water it down, for any use.

HORIZONTAL EVAPORATOR, SPRAY SYSTEM: The horizontal evaporator consists in conic copper cups faces down. The pump raises the water under pressure, which is sprayed to the evaporators thaks to the sprayers. The ice cubes are formed inside each cup and thanks to the hot gas they will fall down into the tank.

UNDERCOUNTER: Medium dimensions machines to be installed also under the bigger counter, with dimensions W60 x D70 x H85. Right for restaurants, bars of the different disco areas, for buffets and cerimonies. Big inside tank for ice, which allows a big quantity of ice ready to be used. All models are for „tropical use“: they can produce ice even at a room temperature of

43°C and water temperature of 35°C.

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