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Kastel – Ice Makers.


Compatible with USA standard ADA
Mainly for under counter
For commercil use or domestic use
Suitable for small businesses
Suitable for bartenders in the disco, kiosks and outdoor hotel pools, buffets of ceremonies and celebrations
To support the back counter machine or to replace them in the cold season
Ideal for rooms with tight spaces
Lightweight (55 kg.) Easy transportation and rapid installation


Machines installed everywhere
Ideals behind the bench or in the area of customer service
Width in the form "L 90"
Maximum height 120 cm.


Modular machines to use in combination with a store with large capacity ,to be installed generally in the back room (backstage): they does not see but they are working hard to produce ice continuously


14/09/2015 HOST 2015
We will exhibit at next International Fair: Hall/Pad. nr. 9 - Stand nr. S12-18 / T11-17