KASTEL Ice Makers

KASTEL is a Company located in Castelfranco Veneto, at 50 km from Venice, Italy.

Founded by some well known local entrepreneurs with a long experience in manufacturing professional equipments. KASTEL immediately launched a complete range of ICE-MAKERS in a really short time. Our range of ice machines has been specially designed for professionals in restaurant, bar, hotel, events, food and other facility. KASTEL produced year by year new models for fulfilling the requirements of both Italian and Export markets.

KASTEL line up:

KASTEL operates in many different markets: from typical "hot weather" Mediterranean countries to English speaking Markets and others. This because KASTEL chooses high profile suppliers, sources components in Europe or Japan, takes care of his Clients and quickly fulfils their requirements and needs. KASTEL has a wide and varied range of products to suit the various needs of today's fast paced customer. The ice makers range is designed with versatility that will give many years of service. In KASTEL, our objective is not only to sell but also to provide assistance to our Partners after the sale; for this our Technical Staff is always available to give assistance and for the training of the technical personnel of our Partners.

Thanks to the results obtained, fruit of the great quality of its products and the on-going research involved, the company emerges as a leading player among the various business concerns present in the sector.

The experience matured leads continually to the consolidation of precise technologies forming a production-based culture which cannot ignore new construction research and methods.

The steel, widely employed, and the component technology utilized are always of high quality and reliability. Each constructions and assembly stage is subject to strict controls, so that each single product complies with all the safety and quality standards.